Sunday, May 18, 2003

Where are the Indy bloggers?

I've been to Indy twice before, but I didn't blog back then. So I don't know too much about what's going on there yet. But I have a few clues.

I'm not sure exactly where Gregory Harris of Planet Swank is in Indy, but I'm guessing the left side... Likewise for Jeff Cooper. Hmm - we never seemed to get any lefties like ArchPundit to show up at St. Louis Blogbashes - this ought to be interesting if we manage to get together...

Further out, I know Dodd and Brent about 100 miles away down I-65. Josh Claybourne and the Hoosier Review conspiracy are in somewhere in that nest of Commies/porn production playground called Bloomington. The Axis of Greeblie is downstate somewhere, and I thought Paul Musgrave was in Evansville.

So where is everybody, and when do we get together?

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