Sunday, May 18, 2003

On the road again...

We keep hearing about how mobile Americans are, but even then I'm guessing I'm a couple of sigmas off center. I've had mailing addresses in 8 states that I recall, and often more than one in those. And now it starts again in Indy - the second week is about to start, and I'm not even in the same motel I was in for the first week.

Relocating is a PITA for sure, but it has its pluses. One of the best is that you're "reborn" - you meet a bunch of people with no preconceptions about you besides maybe an interview, background check and a resume. It's a great opportunity to break out of ruts, start new hobbies, and generally get your act together. It's not exactly like Groundhog Day, but you do get a chance to remake yourself to a certain extent. IMO it might be funny if people who had worked with me at different places got to compare notes - it would be like the blind men and the elephant (and almost none of them know that I have a blog...)

Driving gets old too. Yesterday I drove from Indianapolis to St. Louis. Tomorrow I'll drive to upstate IL, then from there back to Indy, totaling about 400 miles. And I'll be doing something similar for the next several weeks as I finish organizing and moving. But...I have some tapes and CDs I've been intending to listen to, including Pimsleur tapes for Spanish (that I keep wanting to answer in German). I can practice what I call singing far from innocent ears. If I think of something noteworthy I can whip out the voice recorder and deal with it later. If I have time I'll get off the interstate and check out the back roads just to see what's going on. Throw in a cellphone with headphones and life is just one big beer commercial.

But I'd better get moving so I'll have time to hunt for that laptop tomorrow. Then maybe I'll blog about something interesting.

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