Monday, April 14, 2003

Keep the UN out of Iraq

Years ago mathematician Pierre Fermat left an interesting theorem written in the margin of one of his books. He said he had discovered a wonderful proof which the margin was too small to contain. It turns out he was right.

With that in mind, and not having the time or inclination to write a Steven Den Beste or Arthur Silber length item needed to back it up, I simply offer my conclusions about UN involvement in Iraq below.

The UN should have nothing to do with reestablishing a new govt in Iraq.


1. We see what types of govt the UN approves of. Typically socialist or dictatorial, and corrupt.

2. We see what types of policies the UN approves of.

3. A viable govt cannot be created with such policies.

4. If the UN is involved, such a nonviable govt will be created anyway. And it will fail.

5. The UN wants it to fail, lest its success should encourage further such liberations at the expense of the despots who have such disproportionate influence there now.

6. Said failure will be blamed on the US no matter what we do.

Just what is the UN bringing to the party?

Credibility? Forget it.

Money? Only if they get more of it from the US, and this will increase the relative power of an organization that has shown itself antithetical to US interests constantly.

Competence and experience? Don't make me laugh.

Integrity? Ditto.

The UN is about providing sinecures for international bureaucrats who have delusions of grandeur. Its continued existence is of value only as an example of what we could expect from world government.

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