Friday, April 25, 2003

Guns don't kill people, gun control does

East St. Louis is well known as a social hellhole. A few years ago things were so bad that someone who had been abused by the police sued the town, won, and wound up with the deed to City Hall.

Maybe we'll see this again in Washington, DC. Shelly Parker just wants a gun to defend herself:
In February of this year, a dealer known as "Nanook" started banging on her door and tried to pry his way into her house, repeatedly yelling, "Bitch, I'll kill you, I live on this block too." Nanook was eventually arrested. He may be prosecuted. But Ms. Parker knows that the police are "not going to do very much about the drug problem on my block." That's why she wants to have a functional handgun in her home for self-defense — just a garden-variety pistol, not a machine gun or assault weapon like the gangs are able to acquire without blinking an eye.

Shelly Parker and countless other D.C. residents should be able to defend themselves. They're not asking to carry a weapon outdoors on the city's drug-infested streets, where the sound of bullets regularly mocks the nation's strictest gun ban. Their needs are more basic: a pistol where they live, so they can defend their property, their families, and their lives.

Yet if Parker has a handgun in her bedroom, she could face criminal penalties — arrest, prosecution, fine, even incarceration — because of the District's preposterous gun laws. Upstanding citizens who reside in D.C., pay taxes in D.C., and obey D.C. laws are too often the victims of criminal predators. Still, the city insists that if someone breaks into their houses, their only choice is to call 911 and pray that help gets there in time. Anyone who's ever used the city's emergency phone service knows that a pizza can be delivered before the police show up.
The DC cops know what's going on, and the politicians have had more than ample time to figure out that gun control works only in liberal Fantasyland. IMO if any of these creeps so much as rustles a hair on this woman's head, she should be able to sue the city, the local politicians, Sarah Brady and the rest of the gun control cabal and collect until she owns the very air they breathe.

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