Tuesday, April 22, 2003


I'll have to ask MedPundit or DB's MedRants if there is a recognized medical condition known as "'No Watermelons Allowed' Withdrawal Syndrome". If so, no doubt you've suffered immensely over the last few days. But I'm not the only slacker around nowadays.

Well, I shouldn't call our dear Susanna that - she's getting some grad school work done in lieu of blogging. Attagirl!

Meanwhile somewhere in the wilderness of Arkansas a Rottweiler attacked Vicki of Liquid Courage. The lovely Vicki needed stitches in her face? - say it ain't so, Matt! (As for the Rottweiler, give it to Glenn Reynolds).

And Tacitus is having problems with, um, his back end. But he'll be back.

So what's my excuse...?

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