Sunday, March 09, 2003

Slow week coming

I don't know how much time I'll have this week for blogging because of crunch time on a project. But it does give me an excuse for some blogrolling:

For serious stuff, try Clayton Cramer, Stuart Buck, Howard Bashman, Lynne Kiesling, Erin O'Connor and Winterspeak.

Besides Lileks and Instapundit, my two favorite family guys are Tony Woodlief and Terry Oglesby (and while you're checking out the Possum's hospitality, take a tour of the Axis of Weevil). If it's an eligible guy you're after, of course there's Acidman.

For comic relief try 3 Bruces, or of course Scrappleface.

To wander off left of center, how about War Liberal or Armed Liberal?

If you want controversy, odds are you'll find it at Gene Expression or Omphalos.

Women? Ah yes, there are some I haven't linked to lately. You've probably already been to Michele's site. You have to like Asparagirl's attitude. Something is up with Moxie. Then there's party goddess Vicki and Janis down South, or Dawn in Ohio, or Robyn in FL (hope you're feeling better). And the inimitable Page.

Fairly recent additions to the blogroll include Beaker, Blaster, Michael Ubaldi and Andrew Zolli.

For international stuff, there's Brussels Blog, Ibidem, Dilacerator and of course Tim Blair.

For science and technology you can't go wrong with Jay Manifold, Rand Simberg, Charles Murtaugh and Derek Lowe. What the heck, how about Beth Skwarecki? For medical stuff, try MedPundit and MedRants. Or check out Gizmodo for your gadget needs.

I could probably do this for days and end up with something like The Talking Dog's list of blogs (which is lefty enough to somehow omit people like Lileks and Steven Den Beste last time I looked, as well as NWA). What the heck, I left out plenty of people too, but as I mentioned time is a bit scarce this week.

And if the group above isn't enough to keep you busy, you're probably spending too much time in front of your PC anyway.

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