Thursday, March 13, 2003

Pelvic potpourri

Whenever I'm looking for a cheap post, I go rip off Sydney Smith, our irreplaceable Medpundit. Here she points us to some women who teach medical students as they submit to pelvic exams. (If they exist, we were spared knowledge of men who do the same for prostate exams). She also links to the e-pelvis.

Lacking the requisite plumbing, I can't speak directly of pelvic exams. I understand that it involves a speculum, a device renowned for its coldness. It is inserted into the vagina and then a ratcheting device holds it open. There's also soundproofing to keep down the echoes.

No, I made up that last part. But I really have known some gossipy small-town nurses who would, um, speculate and even count how many clicks the ratchet on the speculum would make on various women they knew. Now that's a conversation starter.

Whether coming or going, you can use strength and control in your pelvic muscles. For this you need Kegel exercises.

So what else do you want to know about pelvises/pelvi/pelves?

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