Sunday, February 23, 2003

I survived the Blogbash

Did you just hear a giant sucking sound? That was your life passing you by for missing the most recent St. Louis Blogbash. That means you, Dodd.

We had a pretty good turnout, and as usual we closed the venue. We had virtual visitors from as far away as Australia and from such hostile climes as New Jersey, including the charming and delightful Susanna Cornett (alas, two invitees couldn't show - I have an autographed Clue Bat for one of them...). Real visitors included Ryan Olson and Matt and Vicky - thanks for coming! By the way, if you want to upgrade your hosting and/or your site design, see Matt.

Kudos to host/MC Charles Austin for picking a good site, Chris Johnson for modeling the latest in blogger fashions, and fellow engineer Kevin Murphy for chronicling some of the many high points of the evening before duty called him to leave.

And ladies, you missed Juan Gato! But you can still read the interview here. (Yes Emily, he was wearing shorts).

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