Sunday, February 23, 2003

Behind every successful man is a woman Sara Butler or Shonda Werry of διοτιμα , from whom I have grabbed three links in a row. Here Sara points us to a blog called After Abortion.

Among other things, the blog points us to this from WaPo, titled "
Russians Feel Abortion's Complications : Used as Birth Control in Soviet Times, Practice Has Led to Widespread Infertility". From it we see that
About 5 million -- or 13 percent -- of Russian married couples are infertile, and doctors report that diagnoses of infertility are on the rise. In nearly three out of four cases, infertility is attributed to the woman, typically because of complications from one or more abortions, according to Serov and other health experts.

The abortion rate has been declining rapidly for 15 years because of the availability of contraceptives. Still, it remains five times higher than that of the United States. The Health Ministry reports that for every live birth there are 1.7 abortions, compared with more than three births for every abortion in the United States.

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