Tuesday, November 12, 2002

We don't all have uncles, you know

If you have any money left over after visiting Bill Quick, you can check out Modest Needs. If you need a few bucks, send him an email and a story and he might send you the money. Or you can donate money for him to distribute.

Does anyone remember Percy Ross?

Sometimes a very small amount of capital can make all the difference (sheesh, I even needed a few bucks to start when I got my paper route eons ago). To address such needs there's a practice called microlending, pioneered by Grameen Bank of Bangladesh. If you're interested, there are a number of related links here.

Grameen Bank apparently is having some problems with repayments. Of course lefties are dying to prove that microlending can't help the poor, so it's no surprise if the bank is criticized. But even if they go bust tomorrow, IMO they'll still have done more for the poor with the money they lost than the same amount of govt giveaways would have.

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