Sunday, August 11, 2002


So who knows about last-minute financial aid for college students?

Somebody is playing dirty in a divorce, and a relative of mine is caught in the middle. She's about to start her junior year at the same school she started in, and for obvious reasons would like to finish there. She has done well and has been active on campus.

But her grants and loans could be held up, and apparently if Ex has his way, they will be. The amounts involved are substantial, and the cooperative parent could find it impossible to make up the difference despite best efforts. On the other hand, it might save Ex a couple of grand (and he definitely isn't broke) if he can force her into transferring.

Yes, he's violating the divorce decree, but in the meantime there very little time to intervene if she is to avoid transferring or missing a semester - classes start in about a week and legal relief will take longer.

And in the meantime if anybody knows an effective, affordable, merciless family law attorney in the SW Chicago burbs, I'll pass the info on to someone who can use it.

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