Thursday, July 25, 2002


Diana E. likes "dissent", speaking as if it's a virtue rather than mere sanctified bitching.

Well, it would scare me if everyone had the same opinions. But this, comrade, is no accident. Diana E. doesn't like the Bush administration.

OK, I have my differences too. But what does she cite? President Bush's association with Harken Energy and Dick Cheney's business past.

As she notes, there's nothing wrong with questioning these things per se. But there is something wrong with pursuing it long after a reasonable person would have dropped it.

Take Harken for example. This was well before the 2000 election and Bush had dealt with it before. So why is it coming up again, and why doesn't it go away? And if there was anything to it, why didn't the supposedly smart Al Gore use it in 2000?

Perhaps it was an oversight, but she didn't mention anything about the worthiness of an investigation of a former Clinton official like Robert Rubin.

It might have helped us decide whether her positions were "dissent", or mere partisan politics.

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