Monday, July 22, 2002

Am I missing something?

In general I think the answer is 'yes', but I have something specific in mind.

I always figured I was as horny as anybody, but then that's hard to believe sometimes. After all, I'm not willing to go as far as some of the crazies I've seen. Examples include PeeWee Herman, George Michael, Hugh Grant, and of course Bill Clinton. (I couldn't think of any women for this, besides maybe Monica Lewinski. Any suggestions? How about phone numbers?)

If I were looking for a description of an orgasm, I'd probably check with Dawn Olsen or Shell. Barroom sages have assured me that "if God made anything better than [orgasms] He kept it for Himself." If I were writing about it, I'd probably write something like "a brief intense localized sensation that's difficult to improve upon".

But can it be? Is it really better for others? Or are they just too obsessed to keep things under control?

I suppose it's plausible that some people get more out of sex physiologically than others. After all, some people see better, hear better, etc - why not this too?

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