Saturday, April 27, 2002

Sexual harassment at Mitsubishi

Blogging generally isn't original reporting, and what I have to offer is hearsay. But I find it credible because I know my source very well, and it's consistent with my experience. And to my knowledge, no "name" journalist has ever investigated it from this side.

The Mitsubishi plant was built in the mid 80's northwest of Bloomington, IL just off I-74 on the way to Peoria. I'm from the general vicinity and they hired a number of engineers, so I made it my business to meet people who worked there.

Then came the sexual harassment suits. I was morbidly curious and wanted to hear the scuttlebutt, so I called my best source.

He said a number of the women involved were unproductive and had been in trouble for that reason. What's more, some women at the site were known to offer BJs or other favors to men who would cover their work for them.

Again, it's hearsay, and not much at that. But if it leads someone to do an honest substantial investigation it's worth something. I suspect that the real crime was that Mitsubishi didn't donate enough money to the Democratic Party.

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