Sunday, April 21, 2002

Blog bash envy

Here in flyover country I've had to read about blogganalia in NY twice, LA once or twice, SF, DC, the UK, and I think some Houstonians got together. Sheesh, I think even Knoxville got into the act with Glenn Reynolds hosting somebody.

I had to cancel a couple of weeks ago when I might otherwise have met some local talent (I'm in St. Louis for now). There are a few of us - Charles Austin, Christopher Johnson, Juan Gato, and Mark Nugent, and Stephen Green is in exile. But you can't expect so much from us - we're a much smaller market, and in periodic discussions with NY-based coworkers you'd think I was in Podunk.

What's Chicago's excuse? Surely there are enough bloggers, although the ones I can think of offhand are either away from home or aren't natives. Time it right and I might even be able to make it - surely nobody would want to miss that.

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