Thursday, April 11, 2002

Giants of Hollywood

I had read something about Rondo Hatton some years back, and for some reason it came popping back into my head today. Incidentally, I was nowhere near a mirror at the time.

Alright, who was Rondo Hatton? Supposedly he was a good-looking kid, and eventually he made his way to Hollywood.

Hatton wasn't the only actor with his particular gifts. There was also Paul Benedict, the neighbor across the hall in "The Jeffersons". And Richard Kiel, a villain from Bond flicks ("Jaws").

And don't forget the most famous of all, Andre Rene Rousimoff, who played in "The Princess Bride".

Rousimoff really was famous - just not as an actor. He was best known as a professional wrestler, "Andre the Giant".

Andre is dead now, so I can safely note that whatever his other strengths, he wasn't exactly a hottie in the looks department. Neither were any of the others, because they all had a strange disease called acromegaly.

Mercifully this condition is not common, yet here we have 4 actors with it. Hooray for Hollywood.

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