Friday, March 22, 2002

Greens showing true colors?

From the WaPo:
For months, environmental groups have complained that the White House gave them little opportunity to influence President Bush's energy policy, which was heavily weighted to the preferences of oil and coal companies.
No bias here, eh? The reporter apparently is certain that the policy was dictated not by weighing input fairly, but by selling out to oil and coal companies. It continues:
On Monday, the Energy Department plans to claim in a huge court filing that administration officials tried doggedly to get the views of green groups, but the environmentalists were uncooperative.

"Several did not return our phone calls and messages," an Energy Department official wrote in an Aug. 10 memo that will be part of that filing. The official added that some of the groups rebuffed invitations by saying, "Check our Web site."
Hint - don't boycott the meetings and then bitch that your positions weren't considered.

Isn't it interesting that the green groups wouldn't show? As usual, it's all about the politics, not the environment - they don't want solutions, they want issues.

That's what happens when the left-wingers move in. And that's what accounts for some near-reflexive opposition and suspicion to many environmental initiatives. Anybody who really cares about the environment (as opposed to left-wing politics) should recognize that the first order of business is to kick the lefties out of the leadership of green groups. Because until they do, the environmental issues will always take a back seat to the politics.

Of course greens aren't the only ones where left-wingers pervert the issues for a political agenda. NOW has long been a laughingstock, and deserves it even more now that we're hearing about this.

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