Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Gonzaga owes me five bucks

@#$% chokers - they've been spreading terror in the NCAA Tourney for the last several years, but when my money's on the line they lay down.

And Mizzou? Kent State? SIU? What got into them? I'm calling for drug tests...

I picked Cincinnati to choke - nothing new there. But now I see Kansas plays Illinois on Friday - both teams are world-class chokers, but KU is rated higher. So keep an eye on the Illini if Frank Williams shows up. (well, actually I picked KU, but Coach Roy, you've been letting me down).

So the all-seeing none-knowing swami picks KU, UConn, Duke and Oklahoma to survive next weekend, KU and Duke to meet in the finals and......KU to win it all. Rock chalk Jayhawk!

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