Thursday, February 21, 2002

The good news is that there's no such thing as bestiality

I read it twice, and still I conclude that Kathy Kinsley is confused:
I googled "Humans are not animals". I came up with a lot. Mostly fundamentalist Christian sites. Very educational stuff -- if you believe in magic. Humans, it seems, are not animals -- despite all evidence to the contrary -- because a book says they were directly created by G-d. Ok... said I... is there any proof of this? "The bible says so," said my research. Oh. Ok... now that is a really interesting proposition. Humans, despite the fact that they live and die, that their bodies decompose, that they are EDIBLE, that they breed, that they eat, that they do every single thing that other animals do, are not animals.
What can be concluded from the above but that she believes that human beings are nothing more than animals?

Where do I start? Well, I'll start by noting what might or might not be obvious by now - that I'm not a Christian fundamentalist. I'm not out to defend anybody's book. But I don't think I need a special book to tell me that there are meaningful distinctions to be made between humans and animals.

If humans are animals, next time a dog humps your leg you can hump back. Work animals are slaves and boy, imagine the reparations. Going to McDonalds puts me in the same moral category as a cannibal. A rat is a dog is a pig is a boy - welcome to PETA heaven.

Imagine there's no morality - it's easy if you try. Hungry?-kill your kids. Attacked by wolves? - you're on your own, chum, I'm out of here. If you have something I want, I can just take it. Sex by year 8 or else it's too late - Welcome to Darwin's heaven.

Just wait until the animals can vote - we'll be just another special interest group. Opossums will be crossing guards. Bugs will wash windows. Welcome to affirmative action heaven.

I guess I refuse to take the post seriously even though it appears to have been written that way. Wake up KK - someone must have stolen your password.

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