Thursday, February 21, 2002

Are you a left-winger?

Take the following short quiz to find out.
  1. Which of the following is a baby-killer? a) an abortionist, or b) a Vietnam veteran.
  2. Which prevents conception every time it's used? a) abstinence, or b) condoms.
  3. Which has killed more people? a) car rides with Ted Kennedy, or b) radiological accidents at commercial US nuclear power plants.
  4. In the 80's, which condition was more common among heterosexual men who did not share needles and had not received tainted blood products? a) Breast cancer, or b) AIDS.
  5. After correcting for years of experience and education, engineers of which sex make higher salaries? a) Women, or b) Men?
  6. What increased by more dollars in the 80's? a) Government tax receipts, or b) Defense spending.
  7. Which demonstrably has killed more children? a) Organic apple juice, or b) Arsenic levels within current regulations (not the stricter ones that even Bill Clinton's administration didn't propose until his final days)

Essay question: Which would you rather be locked in a cell with? a) a loaded gun, or b) Edmund Kemper (a 6-9 300+lb serial killer - he killed his mother too).

Look to the left for answers.

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