Thursday, January 31, 2002

TARGETING NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS? Drudge has found an article in the Washington Times alleging that US nuclear power facilities are being targeted for future terrorist attacks. Greens have been harping about this for years, so they would have proposed it if no one else did - there was a lot of yapping about this around the time of the first World Trade Center attack in 1993.

With the World Trade Center OBL's creeps found a combination of symbolism, economic impact, publicity potential, vulnerability and body count that could hardly be matched elsewhere. It seems logical that they would seek other such targets.

On the other hand, commercial US nuclear power plants are fairly anonymous. They're built from uncounted tons of windowless reinforced concrete chock full of miles of steel rebar designed to resist earthquakes, internal events or impact from huge flying objects such as tornado-borne trees. Most of them are out in the sticks, and onsite personnel are no more than a few hundred in my experience. They have impressive capabilities for firefighting and other emergency planning, complete with regular drills including participation by local law enforcement and civil defense personnel. Would that all potential targets had such strengths and capabilities.

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