Saturday, May 26, 2007

Toxic Muslims

I happen to know that Muslims pass gas, and when they do it can be unpleasant.

But that's not because they're Muslim, or because they eat anything particularly weird. No, I reached this conclusion based on evidence that Muslims are human beings, and the rest of us do the same thing. Yeah, even you.

And now we hear that 13% of Muslims support suicide bombings under some circumstances. Scary, eh?

Really? Why? There is no context here. Do we have a corresponding figure for non-Muslims? Maybe we do - if so the linked post would have been a good place to present it.

Are there lunatic Muslims? Sure, just read the papers. But again, they're human beings too, and if the same poll were performed on non-Muslims the numbers might not be much different, because there are plenty of wackos to go around among the rest of us too.

So the 13% number is misleading without having a corresponding number for non-Muslims.

Why the title? The situation reminds me of earlier cancer scares that seemed to declare every known industrial chemical carcinogenic. But guess what happened when they started testing so-called "natural" substances too? Uh huh - lots of them are carcinogens too under the right circumstances.

Hat tip to SK, NA, HA, RM, and the many other Muslims I've known who wouldn't hurt a fly.

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