Thursday, September 28, 2006

We still don't have a stupidity vaccine

There are countless expressions and stories about what happens to critical thinking abilities during sexual arousal. I don't know what Cathy Seipp was doing when she wrote this article, but this time at least the "religious fanatics" are thinking more clearly than she.

Ms. Seipp writes
An anti-STD vaccine no more encourages promiscuity than locking your doors at night encourages burglars.
OK, odds are that she doesn't live in an RV. Most people can't move their homes to less secure neighborhoods. But people can incur more risk of STDs and might well do so if convinced that they were no less safe than before. And even if vaccines were 100% effective they would only work on one of the numerous STDs out there, and never mind pregnancy.

Ms. Seipp is smart and presumably raised a smart daughter who won't, um, park the RV in the wrong part of town so to speak. But other mothers and daughters are not so blessed, and what works for the Seipps might not make a good universal prescription. In any case, it doesn't call for a gratuitous slam against "religious fanatics".

Look, I'm a Cathy Seipp fan and I hope she makes a full recovery soon. But if I settled for stuff like this I'd be a Democrat.

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