Tuesday, November 29, 2005

He must have inhaled

Way back in HS I was a wrestler. I had a winning record and all, but was nothing spectacular, and if I wanted to go to the state finals I would have needed a ticket.

But I had started late and wasn't ready to quit. Title IX hadn't decimated college wresting teams yet, so I wrote off to a couple of schools where I had applied to engineering school. I got some letters back and...well, I'm a pack rat, but I had those letters for years just for being acknowledged by some very successful programs.

Nothing came of it all. I was running late for the first practice in college and took a nasty fall down some concrete steps. I tried to wrestle through it and wound up with an injury that ended my season. I never went back.

What if...?

And Bill Richardson wants me to believe that he really didn't know whether he had been drafted into major league baseball by the KC Athletics?

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