Sunday, July 17, 2005

Class act...

From this:
May 24, 2005
Examiner Slams DC101's Elliot For Abortion Contest
An editorial in the Washington Examiner takes DC101 morning man Elliot Segal to task for having hosted a recent on-air contest offering a prize to the listener who claimed to have had the most abortions. "Segal thought it was hilarious when a woman called in to say her father forced her to get an abortion at age 13 after she was impregnated by her cousin. He jokingly offered a 'posthumous' award when another caller recounted a deceased woman's multiple abortions." Adds the Examiner: "The local station is owned by Clear Channel, which dropped shock jock Howard Stern's show last year for on-air obscenity. Segal's 'contest' doesn't fall under FCC definitions of indecent or obscene, although his trivialization of abortion is far worse than Stern's predictable vulgarity."
Yep, it's legal. But IMO anyone who's proud of their abortions is sick.

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