Monday, June 13, 2005

Power blogging

Since I started this blog over 3 years ago a number of people have started writing about energy issues. Here are a few:

Alternative Energy Blog - solar, wind, nuclear...
NEI Nuclear News - where Eric McErlain et al keep us abreast of nuclear power issues.
The Ergosphere - the home of Engineer-Poet and a lot of informed talk about energy.
The Knowledge Problem - economics with much discussion of energy issues.
Late entries that I'm less familiar with:
Energy Outlook
Peak Oil Optimist

And I have to tip my hat to Steven Den Beste, one of the best bloggers ever, who has shut down his flagship USS Clueless. Look through his archives for some really good stuff, and wish him well.

Of course none of this is to be confused with Powerblogs. Experienced high-volume high-traffic bloggers like Dean Esmay and the Volokh Conspiracy swear by it.

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