Monday, June 06, 2005


Let's quit pretending that this medicinal mariijuana legalization business is about anything but legalizing pot across the board.

Is it about providing a better product for consumers? I'll believe that when the medicinal marijuana users give up administering pot in a "wild" form and instead submit it to a process to assure consistent dosage consistent with requirements for pharmaceuticals.

Is it about state's rights? Yeah, right - where are you guys when people are talking about Roe v. Wade? There are always plenty of fair-weather federalists. Maybe the Court found a right to be free of pot smokers in some "penumbra" or "emanation" from the Constitution, and were just too stoned to write it down.

I can't get too wound up about pot, or much of anything else in the War on Drugs (especially civil forfeiture laws). I don't know any long-term potheads who are worth a hoot, but then I wouldn't like them any better as drunks either. If someone wants to foul up their life, they'll find a way.

But those who want federalism to be taken seriously didn't have to wait for this decision to start complaining.

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