Monday, May 16, 2005


NARAL Pro-Choice America, the abortion lovers, are not content with simply doing their utmost to see that more fetuses (that's "babies" to normal people) are killed. Now they want to kill some judicial nominations.

Yep, they've hired some slimemeisters to request financial disclosure records for various judges who are possibilities for nomination to the Supreme Court. Conservatives, that is.

Of course this is permissible, and the financial disclosures are required. But this is different:
Jones was not alone as a target, and Rice is not just a nosy citizen. He and Craig Varoga, a former aide to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, are partners in a California political consulting firm. Their May 5 petition requested financial information on 30 appellate judges in all but one of the country's judicial circuits, including nine widely mentioned Supreme Court possibilities. Varoga & Rice's client: NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Nobody can recall any previous mass request for such disclosures by federal judges.
The Dems are nothing if not innovators, especially with sliming their opponents.

But I'm sure that this isn't the end. How much do you want to bet that the day will come that NARAL will insist that the judges in question recuse themselves from NARAL cases on the grounds that they might hold this snooping against NARAL?

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