Monday, February 28, 2005

Victor Kamber, jackass

Lacking a hairshirt, I watched CNN this morning. That exposed me once more to a jackass named Victor Kamber. He's an Democrat political consultant who apparently can't speak on any subject without some sort of partisan toxicity escaping. He has the delivery of a professional wrestler, if not the intelligence.

For example, at one point he acknowledged that he didn't fully trust the Russians, but then he didn't fully trust GWB either. IMO if he can't tell the difference he deserves deportation to live with Putin & co. until he learns something.

The general theme of the segment was foreign affairs, but did CNN bring on long-term foreign affairs hands to discuss it? Oh no, we have to have Kamber opposite some Republican political consultant (whose name escapes me), thus guaranteeing that what followed would be more like partisan bearbaiting than informed commentary. If I wanted "Crossfire" I'd watch it.

Oh yeah, Kamber was fond of referring to GWB as "your President". Yep, and he's Victor Kamber's president too.


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