Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Low standards

Glenn Reynolds is too easily impressed here. All Derbyshire did was express his faith in science, which is of no value in evaluating Intelligent Design.

We might do well to consider how blind science is and always must be. For instance, can anyone prove that gravity will behave the same way tomorrow? Of course you can't - science is based on observation, and you can't observe the future. You just have faith that gravity will be the same, but it probably hasn't even occurred to you that you're making an assumption.

But the hubris really shows when we hear prattle about a "god of the gaps". Right. We have this tiny little light on in the vastness of the universe, and we miss most of what's going on there, and someone speaks of our *scientific ignorance* as a "gap"?

Is there anything to Intelligent Design? Here's the correct, scientific answer - we don't know.

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