Friday, January 21, 2005

Choice the Planned Parenthood way

Life is cheap in some places. Back about 20-odd years ago I had some lowlife acquaintances who said they knew people who'd kill for hire for only a few hundred bucks. Maybe even less if they didn't like the mark to begin with. I never took advantage of such opportunities but was impressed nonetheless.

Likewise I never was party to an abortion, but it seems to me that the price ran around $300 back then.

That was for "medical services" of course - it's not as if they were killing a human being, right? Those needles and vacuums and medwaste receptacles and waiting rooms with people who won't make eye contact aren't free, you know.

What's more, they were enabling "a woman's right to choose", which I was told was among the holiest of holies. Imagine not being able to choose at all, ya know? Except they meant just choosing abortion.

(Everyone is pro-choice BTW. It's just that some of us think the relevant choice is made *before* you do what it takes to get pregnant, not after. And since rape by definition was not chosen, it makes perfect sense to see abortion differently in such circumstances)

And it wasn't enough to have the "right to choose". It had to be convenient. Constantly we heard about how only so many counties in the US had abortionists as if this were some Hitlerian crime against social justice.

So now what do we hear? Planned Parenthood is closing some more abortion clinics. Terrific. But let's read what they're saying about their "business decisions":
Claudia Stravato, chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood of Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle, said the Tulia facility was closed due to low patient load and insufficient government funding to reimburse the organization for its expenses.

"We're basically in survival mode here," Stravato told the Amarillo Globe-News when the clinic in Pampa was closed down for similar reasons. "Nobody wants to close clinics and cut services, but we can only do so much with so little."
Look guys, I have no problem with organizations making business decisions. But if Planned Parenthood must behave that way, then let's drop the BS about availability of abortions - if an abortion mill like Planned Parenthood can't make money at it, who can?

(Are they really an abortion mill? Maybe that's a bit harsh. After all, they made referrals for adoptions too. 1 for every 138 abortions (ibid)).

And let's drop the sainthood act too. If abortion is so important, then how dare they treat it like a business when the parent organizatio has the money to keep the clinics open? Why don't PP's backers hit up people with nothing better to do with their money than George Soros? (Or does he only buy elections?) Why don't all these limousine liberals put their money where their mouths are, to help kill off undesirables per the desires of PP founder Margaret Sanger?
Note: this post has been heavily revised - the first version to show up online was posted by mistake before I was finished. If you think it stinks now, well, imagine how bad it must have been...

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