Thursday, September 30, 2004

Nice try...

Glenn Reynolds linked to this so maybe you've already seen it. Tough - I want to emphasize this passage:
''The Najaf shrine — HUNDREDS of dead women and children were brought out after Sadr left,'' Rose wrote. ''They (Sadr's supporters) rounded them up during the battle and brought them in to be executed. Why? Because they anticipated the Americans would eventually enter the shrine and walk into a media ambush. We never went in. The people of Najaf love us right now because of that. They hate Sadr and want him dead.
Leave aside the utter fiendishness of it all for a moment - where was Sadr's media ambush?

Here's another passage:
...journalism in America is broken. It has no foundation of values by which many Americans can relate and depend. The moral of this column is not about one side prevailing in news coverage on the war on terror. It's simply about fairness — about Americans getting both sides with the same prominence.

They're not. And media emphasis on Iraq being in chaos has coincided with John Kerry making the same pitch to voters. It makes you wonder, just as we did on the authenticity of Dan Rather's reporting. And now America knows about Rather's ruse.
Interesting to see this possibility raised. Before the assumption would have been that Kerry was reacting to events and not that the press was reacting to Kerry's needs. But the bias has been too flagrant for too long for us to continue to be so charitable about the MSM's motives.

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