Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Some lefty put together this set of playing cards bearing images of Republicans. How original!

John Ashcroft only rates the king of diamonds? Ann Coulter, at deuce of clubs, is outranked by Andrew Sullivan?

Frankly I'd like to see what the Dems' own deck would look like. There'd have to be a lot more colors to be inclusive. Throw in yellow and brown colors and get rid of the idea of "suits" as too Republican. Clubs and Diamonds would have to go as connoting privilege, violence and wealth, and surely we couldn't have Spades...

And what games would they play with them? Not poker for sure, for as Laurence Simon has written somewhere recently, they couldn't stand a game in which it took 4 queens to beat a straight.

Original link stolen from Betsy's Page, which has lots of other good stuff too.

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