Sunday, August 15, 2004

Free security?

I wonder - has building security improved on average since smokers were exiled outside buildings? It seems that there are always a few hanging around outside for a toke where they still can.

And some of them are nosy. I remember having an interview for a job once when an admin stuck her nose in the closed door to interrupt us. Was it *my* car that had the expired tags? In fact it was, lady, and !@#$ you very much for bringing it up right then and there. (What a day - I didn't get the job and I got a flat tire on the interstate on the way home too. Bill Clinton was President, so it must have been *his* fault, right?)

Hmm - it might be nice to have some witnesses like that around 24-7. How might you make that happen - by passing out free cigarettes? That might work, but I'm guessing it might be cheaper just to hire a guard.

Voila! - geeks are up all night. So if a company that wanted to have some witnesses hanging around decided to put up a free wireless hotspot that was available after normal working hours, could that attract help them with their physical security?

Beats me. But I'd like to see more drive-by wireless hotspots. So I'm looking for selling points wherever they might be found.

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