Sunday, June 06, 2004

Maryland Dancesport Championships in Baltimore this weekend

You've never seen DanceSport? Check it out - it's an interesting combination of art and athleticism that is accessible to about anyone yet can be refined to a professional level. (Like the picture? Meet the performers here).

I'm sitting this one out, but those of us toiling in the low end of the talent hierarchy will start competing on Thursday. The climax is Saturday night when the professionals compete in rhythm, Latin and standard. You'll see why they call it a sport and why it may someday be included in the Olympics.

So you don't know anything about DanceSport? I think you'll enjoy watching no matter what, especially if I aim low. Guys, if you think professional cheerleaders are hot you haven't seen jack - here you'll probably be closer than front row at the stadium watching some hot toned women perform some incredible routines. All the women have to look good at the pro level, and if you're a leg or butt man you'd better bring a bib.

Ladies, beyond the show itself it's an excuse to dress up for an evening and there might be chances to dance between events. By turns it's sophisticated, exciting and romantic and even erotic, and it's not super-expensive. Although a lot of the pros don't speak English well, they're very accessible when they're not actually competing or preparing. And don't even tell me that you don't check out the men.

But if you want to know more, as a rough guide I've posted about it here, here and here. There's more here.

For more information about the Maryland Dancesport Championships see this site.

And if you're in the Cleveland area, get ready for the NorthCoast championships from June 24 through 27.

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