Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Separation of church and state

Look around among blogs or elsewhere and you'll have no problem finding brayings about separation of church and state. Yeah, yeah, we've got to have it to prevent theocracy, blah blah, as if we've ever come close. It's as if feminists in the US claimed that unless we backed them we'd soon be seeing this and this next door.

But somehow the flipside never gets considered. We must protect the Leviathan we call from the multitude of churches, but how about protecting the churches from the govt?

For instance, what's this about politicians ragging religious officials who would deny Communion to politicians who refuse to uphold the policies of their churches? That's an internal matter - what business does the govt have in interfering?

No one can stop John Kerry or Nancy Pelosi from calling themselves Catholic. But if the Catholic Church can no longer determine what it takes to receive Communion, then the govt has overstepped its bounds, and this should be recognized as unConstitutional political bullying.

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