Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Rolling over?

IMO Glenn Reynolds makes too much of this, as if resignation and apathy were the same as positive support for "gay marriage".

And there's the incredibly insightful analysis, such as "it doesn't affect me". One might have said the same about slavery and countless other things. That's not reasoning, that's apathy, and IMO that's not to be encouraged in an electorate by anyone who would call himself a democrat.

As for resignation, that's what "gay marriage" supporters are counting on. They don't want us to ask questions about what will happen to children brought up in an environment when you marry boys or girls equally. (maybe nothing, but shouldn't we have a better idea before we try something so radical?)There hasn't been such a marketing coup since the tobacco companies got the military to include cigarettes in rations.

I remember an issue that reminds me a lot of this one. I was a kid, and it seemed outrageous that there were limits on how a lawyer could advertise. That seemed unfair to me - why not?

Well, now we see. Dante wisely put the sowers of discord near the bottom of the eighth circle of hell, but we put them on our phone books and TVs. With countless lawyers egging them on is it any surprise that we're buried in litigation? But hey, it sounded unfair and "it didn't affect me".

And if anyone thinks this will be the end of gay demands, they're crazy. This isn't about marriage, this is about getting 100% parity with heterosexuality, to the point where eventually anything that favors or encourages heterosexuality will be considered a civil rights issue.

Just wait...

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