Thursday, April 08, 2004

"We killed it"

IIRC those were the words of George Stephanopoulos about Gary Aldrich's book "Unlimited Access". Released before the 1996 elections, it was critical of the Clinton Administration's slack approach to security at the White House and the vastly changed culture under their leadership. And the Clinton administration immediately set about demonizing Aldrich in response. (As for Stephanopoulos, he works for ABC News now. But don't call him partisan).

Yes, Clinton's people had relaxed FBI background checking and other scrutiny of their staff applicants, and it showed. The best anecdote I recall from it was that Hillary Clinton walked around in a breeze one day, noticed some of her staff and issued a memo requiring staffers to wear panties. Better her than John Ashcroft, eh?

Here Larry Elder contrasts the reception for Aldrich's book to that of Richard Clarke's masturbatory catalog of lies, aka "Against All Enemies".

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