Saturday, March 06, 2004

Planned Parenthood vs. science and life

Did you hear this?
A team of researchers in central Africa say they've uncovered what appears to be the earliest evidence of the human family ever found -- a skull, jawbone and teeth between 6 million and 7 million years old.
But Planned Parenthood is going to sue them for releasing this information because it violates that family's privacy.

Well, no, as far as I know Planned Parenthood isn't going to sue. But given their recent conduct who can be sure? After all, how is it that release of records of abortions kept by Planned Parenthood would violate the privacy of patients even if their names were removed?

But hey, I'm not a lawyer. And I'm not a doctor either, but how is it that all of a sudden after passing an intact fetus backwards, all but it's head, there suddenly is some medical necessity to (as the link puts it) "puncture its skull"? Breech delivery is essential to the procedure, but is more dangerous to the mother, so where's the concern for her health? And by the time the mother has survived this, just what is left for the mother to miss? It seems clear that the mother's health has absolutely nothing to do with this procedure.

And that's what the govt intends to prove. But Planned Parenthood, with so much of their revenue dependent on killing fetuses, can't permit science to advance this way. Keep moving, no conflict of interest here!

Perhaps there are those who think that a partial birth abortion does no worse than "puncture its skull". After all, nobody would want to stick a syringe into the back of their skulls to have their brains sucked out, to facilitate the subsequent crushing of their skulls. We can't let mama know - it might affect her health.

Incidentally, do you suppose PETA would approve if we slaughtered animals by sucking their brains out and crushing their skulls?

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