Saturday, March 27, 2004

Abuse of sentiments

Democrats are trying to make something of an innocent joke President Bush made at his own expense at a recent event in Washington. To do so they did their usual shtick, trotting out Those Who May Not Be Questioned to announce that they were offended. In this case they found Sue Niederer, the mother of a young man killed in Iraq.

Is Ms. Niederer a typical parent of a lost soldier? No, as this shows. She took part in an antiwar protest on March 14 in Dover, DE, and managed to get her name in the WaPo for her trouble. She was also covered in the Toronto Star here as published on the Common Dreams website, and here on the Not in Our Name site. Enter "Sue Niederer" into Google and you'll get at least 13 pages of entries.

I certainly don't envy her in her loss. But I don't think her son died in Iraq so she could use his coffin for a soap box.

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