Monday, February 23, 2004

Ralph @#^%#$$! Nader

Instapundit already pointed to it, but I'd love it if every site on the entire Web linked to this item from Radley Balko about Ralph Nader. It's not that damning actually, but it gives an idea about how this phony bankrolls his many enterprises that prey on the productive segments of our society to enrich himself and trial lawyers like John Edwards. Arguably Nader is the father of the modern tort system problems, and he's done as much as anyone to spread lies about nuclear power.

As much as it amuses me to see him tick off the Democrats by running for President, it would be even more enjoyable to see him exposed as the insufferable sanctimonious horse's ass that he is, or even found guilty of something that can get him locked up. I'm not the only one - check out Jane Galt and Mark A. R. Kleiman too. I doubt that there's another issue that RB, JG, MARK and I all agree on.

So come on Dems - put your slander machine in high gear and give this man what he's deserved for at least the last 20 years.

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