Friday, February 06, 2004

Debunk this, please

Yes, I realize that some people would like us to clean house in North Korea, and spreading nasty propaganda is par for the course. I've seen newspapers from the WWII era and the nasty caricatures they had of Germans and Japanese. And then we've all heard of and seen pictures of Auschwitz et al.

But this tops them all:
Pregnant women ? even those pregnant by North Korean men - are given drugs to induce labor, and when the baby is delivered, it is thrown into a box to die, often with several other recently delivered babies.
Just another day at the abortion clinic so far, except the babies are intact and occasionally alive. Keep reading:
Occasionally, another female inmate will be forced to strangle a box full of delivered babies, which can range in gestational age from around four months, to full term. Participating in these actions appears to damage the mental health of such inmates. They simply break, there is no other term for what seems to happen to them.
There are no words.

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