Wednesday, January 07, 2004

She ain't lyin', y'all

Moira Breen on prescriptive grammarians. Languagehat has more.

Which reminds me of some hillbilly jokes. We can still pick on them, right?

The hillbilly goes to the drugstore for some deodorant. The clerk asks "Mennen's?" and HB says "Naw, wimmen's". The clerk asks "Do you want it scented?" and HB says "Naw, I'll take it with me". "Would you like some for yourself?" "OK". "The ball type?" "Naw, for under my arms".

Or this. Gimme a break - I don't get to write about hillbillies and deodorant very often.

This isn't really relevant (or tasteful either, as if I had standards...), but it's from the same site and I'm gonna link it anyway.

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