Saturday, January 17, 2004

The Democrats - party of forebearance

The state of IL has much to answer for when you consider some of the jackasses sent to Washington in their name. Now Jerry Costello asserts his asininity as follows:
"Could you imagine what the Republicans would be doing to a Democratic president who was a CEO of a company that now has gotten billions of dollars worth of contracts - no-bid contracts - without competition? There would be hearings day after day. And my prediction to you is that you will see in this session of Congress that begins on Tuesday, there will not only be hearings but I think there ought to be impeachment hearings."
Yeah, that's it. The Dems have had the goods on Cheney for all this time, but out of the sweetness and light from their golden hearts, they've withheld their fire for the sake of the Republic.

I could dog-cuss George W. Bush and the Republicans in Congress at great length for any number of issues. And then along comes some !@#$! lobotomy candidate like this to convince me that I have no choice but to vote against them and their party.

And spare me any crap about Costello being a lone crank. There's still such a thing as party discipline, and Costello was covering for Dick Gephardt in a state Gephardt has to win. If the Dems have any sense they'll take Costello to the woodshed and make him crawl to the nearest mike to apologize for being such a jackass. As things are I suspect it was a trial balloon, and if they think they can get anywhere with it they'll keep spreading the idea.

"But the Republicans did it to Clinton!" That's right, they caught the whorehopping degenerate lying about something trivial, risking perjury charges because he didn't think the Republicans would call him on it. That he was indiscreet enough to be messing with a pathetic bimbo who couldn't keep her mouth shut told us everything we needed to know about his judgment and fitness for office. (Protecting his family my eye - you do that by not whoring around in the first place). There's utterly no comparison here.

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