Monday, December 29, 2003

Not safe for work, or for play either

That Elizabeth post below reminded me of another woman associated with physical contests.

Being on the road so much, I have often found myself talking to hotel front desk people in the dead of the night. About anything is likely to come up. One time a few years ago I was in Evansville, IN when a young lady told me about her aunt or cousin or whatever. When she said the woman's name was "Bunny Glamazon", I thought she was pulling my leg, but I busted butt to Google her.

She was for real. Ah, it looks like she's upgraded her website since then. She bills herself as 6'3", 220 lbs, and if you'd like a "session" of, say, "semi-competitive wrestling" she's available for $400/hour. Or if you are small perhaps you can costar in productions like "Bunny Conquers Japan" (from her site:It's here. Bunny is back from Japan and in this video shot in Japan, she TOTALLY Dominates a tiny 5' 2" 87 pound male and 4' 10" 85 pound female couple.)

No, I've never met the lady, and I swear that that's really how I heard about her. Maybe some local blogger like Dave Worley will investigate further.

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