Wednesday, November 26, 2003


Hey, so what if you put on a couple of pounds? You'll reach an equilibrium eventually. Either you won't be able to reach the dinner table, or you won't be able to waddle to the fridge, or you won't be able to get to work, or something like that. There will be feedback at some point, however brutal it might be.

Well, maybe not. A 772 lb woman sued, and now her public housing unit is getting $15,000 of renovations to accomodate her size.

Now this woman has enablers - the original story is gone, but according to comments "This woman hasn't left her bed in three years, other than having to go to the hospital recently, when it took 22 firemen two hours to get her out. Her claim is that a standard public housing unit endangers her health because you can't fit her through the door."

At some point I would hope that the people who feed this woman would say "Sorry honey, but it's grapefruit and eggs today. Sure you'll kick my butt for that, but first you'll have to be able to get off your own. Now if you'll excuse me I'll be in the other room, past this door you can't get through, with the TV turned up."

Just poison her already and get it over with. You don't need a whip or a rack to be a torturer.

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