Thursday, October 02, 2003

Eastern Sportswriters Promote Negros

On ESPN last Sunday, Rush Limbaugh dared to suggest that Donovan McNabb was getting credit for the Philadelphia Eagles' success that more properly belonged to the defense. Correct or not, this is clearly a matter of opinion.

He went on to say that this extra credit was because the sports media wanted a very successful black quarterback. And next thing we know, it's the Night of the Rush Haters and Race Hustlers. Rush decided to resign.

IOW the worst he said was not that McNabb wasn't good, but that he wasn't as good as some sportswriters had suggested. And in fact McNabb has some lousy stats so far this season, which was the whole reason he was being discussed in the first place.

So just what is the problem anyway? McNabb now has a terrific motivator for the rest of the season. Let him put Rush down by being the quarterback he is billed to be, not by whining into a microphone.

And oh yeah, if Rush came to an Eagles practice to apologize, he would not be welcome. Just what is Rush supposed to apologize for? Failing to bow deeply enough?

Re race, McNabb said he thought we were "past that". He'd better tell the NFL. Lately the big issue is that there aren't enough black coaches, and it's to the point that the Detroit Lions were fined for failing to interview a black candidate for their head coaching opening. Steve Mariucci got the job. Which black candidate would you propose who would have been a better choice?

Yo McNabb - take the Eagles to the Super Bowl championship and then you can say anything you want. In the meantime, grow up.

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