Sunday, July 13, 2003

Can't we lock them *all* up?

There's no one to like in this case, courtesy of Therapy Sessions. Who's worse - the people who simply must have sex in public, or the guy who's been busted for videotaping them?

I suppose there are populations out there who have no choice but to copulate in public. I lived in a YMCA for a spell while in E-school and knew that the streetwalkers who couldn't be troubled with the hotsheet joint next door occasionally tore off a piece on the fire escapes. These typically weren't people anyone but anthropologist would want to videotape though.

A bit farther up the social scale, I've known people who couldn't wait to get home and had to get it on at work. Others couldn't go home because they were more likely to get caught there than at work. And many just thought the possibility of getting caught was incredibly erotic, but weren't quite ready for full-blown exhibitionism.

I'm suspecting that it was one of the latter group that was caught on videotape in the public park. Who would have guessed that they expected privacy?

This outdoor sex thing is overrated IMO. I didn't like it much even when I was a teenager. There's something about being interrupted by a spotlight from a sheriff's deputy's car that's just too counterlibidinous - I speak from experience.

Don't get me wrong - the videotape guy is about 99% likely to be a creep too. I leave him an out for perhaps some faulty reasoning - 1) human beings don't screw in parks, 2) I can videotape anything else, ergo 3) I can videotape this.

BTW, what ever happened to Ugly George?

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