Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Revenge of the Nerds Reunion

It's been out for almost 20 years now, so surely you've seen "Revenge of the Nerds" by now. You laughed and cried along with Poindexter, Booger, Ogre, Lewis, Gilbert and the rest of the Tri-Lams as they fought to preserve their dignity to the stirring sounds of "We Are the Champions". And you're wondering what happened to those guys who touched you so. Look no further.

Some of these people actually followed up with careers. John Goodman (the coach) became Dan Connor on "Roseanne". Ted McGinley (the main frat rat/jock) became Jefferson Darcy on "Married With Children". Anthony Edwards (Gilbert, the nerd) was Goose in "Top Gun" and later got on "ER". Timothy Busfield (Poindexter) was on "Thirtysomething". Even Curtis Armstrong (Booger) got a decent gig for a while with "Moonlighting".

Brian Tochi (Takashi) was the obligatory Japanese guy - this was the 80's after all. He has the questionable distinction of being in not only 3 of 4 "Revenge of the Nerds" (ROTN) movies, but was also in the last 2 "Police Academy" movies. Can infomercials be far behind?

Don't forget Donald Gibb, the Ogre. Definitely no Bee Gee, he has a fairly long list of credits, including two "Bloodsport" movies with Jean-Claude Van Damme (you know, that Belgian guy who fights).

What about the kid Wormser and limp-wristed spearchuckin' Lamar Latrell? Well, it looks like their careers peaked in this movie. Andrew Cassese (Wormser) only shows a measly TV appearance on "Law and Order Criminal Intent" since graduating from NYU Film School in 1995. Larry B. Scott (Latrell) has had more roles, but they included such marvels as "The Cheapest Movie Ever Made".

Of course sophisticated women know that the smart guys make the best lovers, and the movie had Robert Carradine (Lewis) showing he had his head in the right place. But it was nothing new for him - he was also a leading stud in "The Pom Pom Girls".

And now for the most important role of them all. Remember the immortal "we've got bush" scene? Yep, that was part of Lisa Welch, Playboy's Miss September 1980. It looks like she married rich and now has 6 kids. Here is a recent picture.

More flesh was provided courtesy of Julie Montgomery. She started acting early, even getting a role in a soap in her teens. But she had a high school classmate named Jay Greenspan who went on to surpass her - you know him as Jason Alexander.

Now make sure you remember this fabulous retrospective in case I ever put in a tip jar. On second thought...

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