Friday, February 14, 2003

No despots allowed

Ya know, that Saddam Hussein guy is disgustingly rich and can do pretty much anything he wants (as long as it's 50 feet underground or on the run). Kim Jong-Il lives in obscene luxury while his country starves. And although he is reviled wherever people bathe, think, and respect human life, the late (?) Osama bin Laden is revered by uncounted hordes.

But despite all their wealth and fame, there is something they simply cannot have. They can't come to Midwest Blog Bash IV next Friday. (Well, I'm being a bit presumptuous here. This is a Charles Austin production, so he's in charge of guests, venues, call-ins and whatever else. As of yet he hasn't told me exactly where it's going to be, so I may be sitting home like Saddam & Co. myself.)

Are YOU good enough to share the exalted company of Austin, Juan Gato, Chris Johnson and your humble author? Or are you going to piddle away your time, say, seeing 'Les Miserables'? Past events have drawn guests from as far away as Australia, and this time promises visitors from such exotic places as Arkansas.

For more details, keep an eye on Austin's site. Past practice has been that to let the host know if you're going to show so he can make the right arrangements (it can be tough to book the Edward Jones Dome on short notice). Just send him an email (charlesaustin at earthlink dot net), if only to congratulate him for his 1st blog anniversary, 29th birthday (?), 77th Scourge of Richard Cohen™, and 4th place finish as "Best Fisker".

See ya in Kirkwood.

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